Turn Back The Clock Anti-Aging Tips

We may not say it, but most of us browse through the web at least once in our lives to look for ways to look younger. This action could be triggered by seeing that lady who is definitely in her late 30s but could easily pass as a college graduate; glowing skin, not a blemish, and absolutely no sign of any wrinkles what so ever. Now, she may be wearing make up for all you know, however, the image triggers an evaluation, a desire to look younger, to feel the same soft and supple skin we once had, doesn’t it?

So, what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing at all; we have heard this many a times: you should be young at heart so what is wrong with wanting to look younger outside? There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your skin, even if it is to look younger. The problem is, many of us get trapped in the claws of the superficial ways of keeping ourselves younger, and some of these methods actually harm our skin in the long run. Remember how our mothers and their mothers and the ones before them started showing the signs of aging much later in life? Ever wondered how they did that without using all those anti-aging creams and the highly publicized procedures? They did it naturally and we always wondered why their skin seemed to glow all the time, they just treated it the way it needed to be, and so can you.

Is it too Difficult?
A lot of people write off the possibility of anti-aging thinking that it may be a complicated process. It can be, if we complicate it but we don’t need to. There’s one basic rule to looking healthy and beautiful, and to take your skin back a few years: eat healthy, adopt healthy habits, and be kind to your skin.

Not Difficult At All
There are many ways to do this:
•    Eat fresh fruits; they contain a lot of anti-oxidants that are good for health

•    8 glasses of water is actually good for the body, they flush the toxins from the
body, help in digestion, and also help keep you hydrated (very important to keep
the skin moisturized)

•    Excessive coffee, smoking, and drinking are the three things that will have a bad
effect on your skin…do I need to say more?

•    Have a balanced diet, your skin needs nutrition and junk food won’t provide it.

•    White sugar is another culprit that causes wrinkles and makes the skin sag.

•    Help your blood circulate properly by encouraging yourself to exercise daily.
Yoga, aerobics, or any other form of exercise that you can practice, needs to be
incorporated in your daily routine to keep your skin healthy.

•    Stay happy; yes this is an actual way to keep aging at bay. The more you stress
and the more you worry, the more wrinkles you will get as an outcome, and
I have yet to hear the benefits of worrying a lot…till then let’s not indulge in it.

•    Make-up is not a necessity. We may think that it is but it has a lot of damaging
impact on the skin. Use make-up that is healthy and has fewer chemicals. Also,
don’t forget to cleanse your skin after removing make-up.

•    Pamper your skin; Sesame and fish oils are an excellent way to nourish your
skin, sesame oil to apply on the skin and Fish oil to consume.

And the most important of all, sleep. The dark circles and the sagging around the eyes are all thanks to lack of sleep. Let your skins rejuvenate and they will glow with thanks.

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